I miss some stuff

You know what I miss? The talkamonyourselves part of the site.
Is it still somewhere? If so I don't see it... damn I don't even know if people will se this :S

TAY used to be a great place to ask small random things about games:
"hey, I'm playing this game and I don't get whos this works"

So yeah, it would be great to have…

In the metal gear rising demo ther was a move where you pressed (I think) Forward Forward Triangle (Y on xbox) and you would do a forward dash attack a lot like the "Stinger" from DMC.


After playing the Naruto Utlimate Ninja Storm 3 demon and watching the trailer at the end (and after azuras wrath) I am now sure that Naruto as a whole should be writen and animated by Cyberconnect 2.0

So I'm playing Ni No Kuni and I have to say I'm loving the game. It's almost everything I wanted from a JRPG this gen. The combat system is interesting, the story is fun, the soundtrack is amazing and so is the presentation, level 5 and ghibli really did deliver an amazing game.